Our lives continue to unravel as things we believe in disintegrate before our eyes. Institutions are failing. Personal conduct is at an all-time low. Wall Street continues to prosper as Main Street bears the financial hardship for our country. What is needed, however, is a different kind of leader during these times of uncertainty. How can you become a stronger, more effective leader?

Leadership development expert and international change agent, Dr. Daryl D. Green, lectures and writes on contemporary issues impacting individuals, businesses, and societies across the nation. He is the Dickinson Chair of Business professor at Oklahoma Baptist University in the Paul Dickinson College of Business. In 2016, Dr. Green retired from the DOE, where he worked in the Environmental Management Program for over 27 years. Before his 30th birthday, he had already managed over 400 projects, estimated at a total of $100 million dollars. Thus, Dr. Green is a proven management strategist who deals with a variety of complex projects. He has over 25 years of experience in assisting organizations and individuals with making good decisions.

Dr. Green is a recognized researcher and problem solver. He has contributed to the scholarly research within his discipline with more than 15 articles published in well-known academic journals. Additionally, Dr. Green is a member of editorial boards in several academic journals, including Strategic Leadership Review and Management and Economics Research Journal.

Dr. Green holds a doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University, an M.A. in organizational management from Tusculum College, and a B.S, in Engineering from Southern University. Additionally, academic coursework has been done at the University of Tennessee, Nova Southeastern University, Southern New Hampshire University, and the University of Vermont. Dr. Green has a variety of national certifications including digital marketing and NQA-1 lead auditor.

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Dr. Green is an award winning author and sought after professional speaker. He is the author of several books and writes a syndicated online column on contemporary issues. Over 3,000 online publishers and content providers have used his articles around the globe. His Family Vision column, syndicated through the National Newspaper Publishers Association, reached over 200 newspapers and more than 15 million readers across the country. Dr. Green has been noted and quoted from various media outlets including USA Today, Ebony Magazine, and Associated Press.